Grocery Shopping

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Commerical Food Brands

The Caribbean dog food industry is unregulated and this lack of care makes it hard to know what's actually in your food, let alone the quality of produce used.

Store bought treats

  •  Mostly powdered ingredients from China

  •  'Meat' that changes batch to batch

  •  95% owned by big multinationals

  •  Unregulated & with misleading labelling

  •  Made in bulk, marked up by nearly 50%

The Pawsh Shoppe

  • Farm grown produce

  • 🥩 Premium meat (& more of it)

  •       100% independent & Bahamian-owned

  • 📦 Fully transparent packaging

  • 🐶 Fresher treats, direct for your dogs

  • 💬 You're talking to the people who make it